MAI KAWAMURA: Pops Singer-Songwriter
Born:Inuyama-City, Aichi, Japan

-Career History-
1996: Began singing as a professional singer/songwriter
2002: Released – Indies Debut Single, “I Still Love You” (Moon-Bunny).
2003: Released – Major Label Debut Album, “amaranth – MULTI COLORED -“ (Nichion/Polydor).
2003-2005 :Focused on concerts in Japan. Hosted a radio program and an internet TV show.
2005 :Moved to NYC.
2006: Released self-produced mini-album “Sa Ra So Ju”
2007-2008 :Signed management contract with Global Entertainment Rhythms. Recorded for Marcus H. Knight (Cotton Club  CEO).

2009 :Left GER. Donated parts of profit from CD sales to UNICEF.Released official U.S. debut album, “MAI Life” (Lucero Records)

2010: Appeared in Bitter End (NY) – March and July (Appeared as a headliner – First for the Japanese artist)“MAI Life” Japan Tour
2011: Appeared in JaNet Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Benefit Live at Bitter End(with Senri Oe, Kay Matsukawa, Chris Lind, Shiro Ohtake and others).   “MAI Life” Asian Tour (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam2013 : Release second U.S. album (10th Year Anniversary Album) “PLUS 10″(1/11)2014 : Moved back to Japan. Solo concert @ DOXY (Nagoya,Japan 10/10)

2015 : Solo concert @ BL cafe (Nagoya,Japan 12/4)
2016 : Mai Kawamura with sunagimo @ Bottom Line (Nagoya,Japan 5/13)
2017 : Acoustic concert @Minami Aoyama Mandala (Tokyo,Japan 1/13)
2018 : Debut 15th Anniversary show @ Imaike Gastou (Nagoya,Japan 3/4)
2019 : Release new album “The Mai” (3/17)
New Album [The Mai] Release concert @ Tokyo Daiichi Hotel Nishiki (Nagoya,Japan 3/17)
2021:Moved to Okinawa,Japan. Appeared at local events and sessions from Dec.
One night Wine night @ Piano Lounge Dal Segno (Okinawa,Japan 12/28)
2022:One night Wine night @ Piano Lounge Dal Segno (Okinawa,Japan 3/27)
2023: Special Dinner Viking guest @ Morlia Classic (Okinawa,Japan 4/7)

-Concert Appearances-
1997~2000 :Yamaha Hall (Aichi,Japan)
2001: Musica (Aichi,Japan)
2002: Meitetsu 7 (Aichi,Japan) Shibuya APIA (Tokyo,Japan)
2002~2004: Armadillo (Aichi,Japan)
2003 :Oshiro Concert, (Aichi,Japan)
2003~2004: Yotsuya Tenmado & Comfort (Tokyo,Japan)
2004: Harajuku Ruido, Shibuya APIA (Tokyo,Japan)
2004: Ukai Festival (Aichi,Japan)
2004~2005 :Urban Cowboy (Aichi,Japan)
2005: Z-Lounge (NY)
2007 :Knitting Factory (NY) Club Aruba (NY)
2008 :Creole (NY) Takano-Ya (Tokyo,Japan)
2009 :Central Park Japan Day Concert (NY) Live @ Top Tunes (NY) Concert at Madison Ave. Japanese Street Fair (NY)
JAM in Brooklyn (NY) Bitter End (NY)
2010: Bitter End (NY) – March and July ,“MAI Life” Japan Tour/Shinjuku Takanoya(Tokyo),Yoyogi Boogale(Tokyo)
2011: JaNet Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Benefit Live at Bitter End (with SenriOe, Kay Matsukawa, Chris Lind, Shiro Ohtake and others).  “MAI Life” Asian Tour (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam. )
2013:”PLUS 10″ Japan Tour Adriana(Nagoya),Mandala(Tokyo),November eleventh(Tokyo),La-donnna(Tokyo)
2014: DOXY(Nagoya,Japan)
2015: BL Cafe (Nagoya,Japan)
2016: Bottom Line (Nagoya,Japan)
2017: Mandala (Tokyo,Japan)
2018: Imaike Gas Tou (Nagoya,Japan)
2019: Tokyo Daiichi Hotel Nishiki(Nagoya,Japan)

-Theme/Title Songs-
2000 :Change – CAT TV “Machikado-Balloon”
2002: Carry Me Back – “Kasugai-City JC GTS”
2003~2004: Dancing Queen -Radio, Cover Song Festa
2004: Machi – Kisogawa Ukai Festival
2009 :Another day – JaNet Lecture Series (on YouTube)

-Radio, TV, Magazines and Musical-
2003~2004 :Radio – Hosted “Cover Song Festa”
2003~2005: TV – Hosted “Mai Talk”, an internet TV show
2004~2005 :Magazine – Contributor, “Music Raw” (2004~2005)
2005 :Musical – American Premium Opera, “Nasu o Yoichi”: Ensemble/Dancer

-MAI says-
I want to write a song that makes the whole world feel good.
I want to keep on singing about love.
My life is song.
And song is my life.
MAI Life.


Copyright ©︎ 2002 Mai Kawamura All Rights Reserved.